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Paying too much for car insurance?

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If you lose it all tomorrow, are you covered?

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Can't find affordable health insurance?

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Information for future Superior Choice Agencies

History affirms that the market trends and forcast of todays small business owners is most likely to fail within the first three years. large corporations of insurance agencies are buying the majority of the non-standard auto market place and will continue to do so to dominate the industry. They get higher commissions, better advertising, more volume, and most important name brand recognition! As a small business owner, our advantage is our geniune approach to suit the customer needs. We understand loyalty, and we understand the importance of service. So how do we attack this? How do we as small business owners stay strong? Well, consider your options; there is always the franchise model that seem to be doing a reputable job, network of agents, chains, and then there is Superior Choice.

Superior Choice Agents Inc. is a name branding co-op group of independent agencies. You will get the same taste as a big chain yet never losing your identity.

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