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Lynda Williams, Owner/operater, LJ Williams Design

Owner-operator Lynda Williams

I started like most webmasters, creating web sites for friends and family in 1994. It was the beginning of my lifetime love affair with computers and the World Wide Web. In 1996 I had my first professional job as a web designer – creating and maintaining a portion of the Global Marketing Intranet site for Ford Motor Company.

After 9/11, things got very tight for Total Fabrication, a custom specialty costume design and manufacturing firm where I was general manager and webmaster. Because our jobs dried up, I was laid off while continuing to maintain the company’s web site. LJ Williams Design is now responsible for maintenance of that site, and is in the process of doing a complete re-design of TotalFab.com.

But that meant I had to make a living elsewhere, so I started TalentHost.net, working “day jobs” to pay the bills while building the business. TalentHost.net specialized in web sites for individuals and indie companies in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t the right timing for me, and I struggled to learn the business skills needed to market and promote myself while I continued to hold a series of outside jobs to pay the bills. While TalentHost.net no longer exists, we still service our customers from that time.

Now, another crisis, this time in the economy, has caused me to re-examine the idea of being my own boss. I've learned a lot since the days of struggling to learn business skills. I'm now focused full time on doing what I love while giving people and their small companies that all-too-necessary professional, custom web presence at a price they never thought was possible.

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